During the last months of Edumotion project, the partners focused their effort in gathering feedback from potential users, that is students and teachers, as well as other relevant stakeholders such as decision makers of companies and institutions and educational experts. The activities are part of the validation phase of the project and mainly consit on demonstrations of the results where the invited users could use the platform performing real location-based educational activities.

The results of the validation will be presented to REA next Tuesday 26th August in ASCAMM premises. More information about the validation demonstration in the following links:


The second EDUMOTION General Steering Committee Meeting, celebrated into the UNIR premises of Madrid,on March 15th, had very positive results:

  • The project actual status after the first 9 months of work was reviewed, evaluated the progress and the problems encountered.
  • The main project deliverables produced during this period were revised, paying special attention to the system requirements of the EDUMOTION platform.
  • The Dissemination and Exploitation plan and several uses cases for the identified scenarios were defined. At the moment, three possible informal learning use cases of the platform are considered:
    1. Cultural activities: a visit to the zoo
    2. Sensitization of the crown: post-disaster itinerary
    3. Employee training: Industrial scenario

The Consortium is currently working on other possible use cases of the EDUMOTION platform.
The improvement of the Content Management System (EDUMOTION CMS) was also discussed,as a challenge that needs to be achieved. As Dr. Fernando López, Professor and Senior Researcher at UNIR, said “In the future, we will be able to rate activities and points of interest by evaluating how informative and enjoyable they are. In this way, other users will be able to check the popularity lists and identify the most popular activities.


July 26th and 27th 2012 (Barcelona) – EDUMOTION’s partners held a workshop to define use cases and main potential users. This workshop defined different scenarios where the expected results will be applicable, identified their potential customers and group of users and determine the organizational flowchart and parts of the EDUMOTION platform.

The partners could also set the basis for the system architecture and discuss about business models. For the latter, a creativity activity, led by the exploitation manager Mr Claudio Dondi from SCIENTER, was performed by the attendees where two main variables were discussed: pricing and specialization of the platform.




July 18th 2012 (Barcelona) – The Fundació Privada Ascamm’s facilities hosted the kick-off meeting of the EDUMOTION project. This meeting was attended by all consortium members. The group was introduced to the planning process and several technical topics were discussed.

The meeting was organized with the following schedule:

  • Management and Administrative issues: It was presented the Project implementation and formal and administrative aspects as communication inside and outside the consortium, rules and an introduction to the collaborative tool called PROCEMM.
  • Technical presentations and discussion: The leaders of work packages presented the objectives and the roadmap for each work package. After each presentation was held a technical discussion on the work to be performed by each partner during project.