Location-based experiences for education

EduMotion develops a software platform for informal learning, based on field experience. It will lean on content management and location-based distribution, through a combination of existing technologies and specific contributions from the project.

The educational community has already demonstrated the potential application of a variety of location-based experiences in the education field. In general, location-based educational experiences offer the potential for interactive, real-time ways of learning which take place outside the conventional lecture hall, laboratory or classroom. Education through field experience, combines knowledge and real life, learning and interaction, and makes EduMotion a strong asset for significant progress.

The system relies on a number of technologies:

  • Mobile devices
  • Wireless communications network
  • Location-enabling technologies
  • Collaborative social networking




Educational institutions, private schools and companies can organize outdoor or indoor activities whose participants will have access to educational content adapted to their skills and knowledge.

The system allows participants to contribute with content generated by them during the activity. Furthermore, the user becomes a producer, not only a consumer. With this approach, every user works as a real-time enrichment to the learning experience of the group. Through this interaction, the user group becomes a pro-active, inter-related knowledge cell, which will grow faster and with more powerful, the more it is used and populate.

EduMotion exploits collaborative networking among educational institutions and professionals across the World, in order to share contents and activities in a globally available platform. The content management system easily allows teachers taking others’ contributions, and using them as a base for new authoring and content provision. Furthermore, any user can modify, enrich, and complement activities of others, as well as their own, so that they can be adapted to specific level of students and to their specific evaluation criteria.